Sunday, June 7, 2015


This week's student is a English speaking fiend! Graduating as valedictorian of her class, this smart gal is going to do big things in her life.  Presenting this week's player of the week...

Major: Dentistry
Ministry Site: Community Health Medical Site
Sponsorship Status: Fully Sponsored

What is something you have learned serving at the medical site with missionaries Rachel Snider P.A. and Fernando Gonzalaz M.D?

I have learned so many things about the practice of medicine, like how to take care of patients and how to take care of their health.  I have also learned that I can seek God for wisdom that I need in order to take care of patients.

What has college taught you?
Going to college has taught me to be more independent and that I need to believe in myself in order to obtain the goals I want to achieve.  I have liked everything that I have learned about my major (dentistry).

What is God teaching you now?
God has taught me the value of sharing with others things that I am struggling with. He has taught me that he is always with me and he is the one that will provide everything I need.  He has taught me to see things in a different way and that I should do everything according to his will. 

A word to your sponsor?

Thank you so much for your donations to our scholarship program. I am so thankful that you have given me the opportunity of a lifetime to study.  You have given me the chance to grow as a person, both academically and spiritually.  I feel so fortunate. I know that not everyone gets this chance, and I want to take advantage of it to the MAX! THANK YOU!

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Sunday, May 31, 2015


Today, we have the honor of talking to star student and athlete, Dianny Moronta.  Dianny is one of the first girls in her community to go to college. She is a light in her small country community in Corocito.  Dianny was one of the first members of the varsity team and was an excellent outside hitter.  Lets take a second to hear from this weeks "Player of the Week"...

Dianny(far left) serving with Dr. Fernando and Caroly

Major: Dentistry
Ministry Site: Community Health Medical Site
Sponsorship Status: Needs a Tuition Sponsor (100/mo)

What is something you have learned serving at the medical site with missionaries Rachel Snider P.A. and Fernando Gonzalaz M.D?
I have gained lots of new knowledge of medicine such as how to take someone’s blood pressure, how to take care of patients and about different medicines.  I have learned how to relate to patients better and to pray with them. 

What has college taught you?
I have learned to value all the things I have.  I have learned to become more independent.  I have a close relationship with my family, so college has helped me to defend for myself better.

What is God teaching you now?
One of the most import things that I am learning is to put everything in the hands of God. He has showed be how big his power is and that gives me strength when I think all is lost.  He has taught me that all He has for me is perfect. 
A word to your sponsors?                                                                                                                      Thank you so much for your donation to our college program. You can’t imagine how appreciative that I am.  Your donation helps me to be able to study and achieve my goals in life. I hope that God will continue to bless you and your family. Thank you so much!  
Dianny on the job!
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Sunday, May 24, 2015


This weeks player has been a part of VC Revolution for almost 6 years! She can jump through the roof and has a heart for her community. May I present to you this weeks all-star student...

Major: Psychology
Ministry Site: Genesis Special Education
Started College: Fall 2013
Sponsorship Status: Needs a Tuition Sponsor (100/mo)

What is something you have learned serving at the Special Education ministry site?

I have learned to put myself in others shoes, no matter what their condition is. In Genesis, I have learned how to take initiative and help others when they need me. I have also learned to put everything in God’s hands. Without Him, nothing would be possible. 

What has college taught you?
In college, I have learn to prioritize the things that are most important.  I have also learned to be more independent.  This has helped me to grow as a person and it is preparing me to be a professional one day and have great success!

What is God teaching you now?
He is teaching me to have more integrity. I also want to be a more humble person.  I have also learned how important God is in our lives and the only way to Jesus is through the Father. 
Any words to your sponsors?

Thank you so much for your support our college program. I am so thankful for this huge opportunity. For me, it is a huge blessing to have your help. One day, I dream of having a good job. I know that with God, and your help, that dream will become a reality. Really, your help is a huge blessing to me. 

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Sunday, May 17, 2015


Over the next 4 weeks, I would like to highlight our four sponsored college students! They have done a great job and they deserved to be honored!  For these girls to earn their scholarships, they have to serve within the ministry at least 12 hours a week. Its a cool way for them to give back to the ministry and apply what they are learning in a tangible way. So, without further ado...

Player of the week
Major: Psychology
Ministry Site: Girls Sports Site 
Sponsorship Status: Fully Covered 

What is something you have learned serving at the girls sports site with Chelsie & Jess?
I have learned no only about volleyball, but more of how we can use volleyball to teach others about God.  The thing that has really impacted me most about this site is that we all sin in different way, yet in God’s eyes, my sin is just the same as others.
Assistant Coach Mabelis serving on the states trip

What has college taught you?
One that thing that I have liked a lot is that each day, I am learning more about myself as well as others.  I also like that I can daily apply things that I learn in my psychology classes.  

What is God teaching you now?
He is teaching me to trust in him and to know that I cannot achieve things with my own strength, but with His.   I am learning to focus less on what God’s “answers” may be and focus more on adoring him. When I praise him, my strenth is renewed and my faith gets stronger. 

Any words to your sponsors?
Thank you so much for your support our college program. Thank you for your love for me because I don’t know where I would be in my studies. Without this scholarship, I would no be able to study. I have been able to move forward in my life because of your help. I have seen the hand of God in all this and without Him, all that you and I do would not be possible.  I hope that God continues to bless you and providing for your family.

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Thursday, May 14, 2015


Wow, I still can't believe what an incredible experience the girls had in their trip to the states! Thank you to so many of you who helped out with this trip whether it was financially, providing a meal, hosting girls or opening your gym.

During this trip, they got to serve in the community, play some local teams, live with host families and experience the culture in a more tangible way.  They also got to visit Bryan college and even practice alongside their team.  Oh and you can't forget the Easter fun! They got lots of goody baskets everywhere they went, had an easter egg hunt, and dyed eggs. The trip ended with a blast as we travel to Tampa, FL to play in a big club tournament.  They also grew a lot spiritually on the trip.  We had a lot of really great discussions of exactly what God did for us in sending his Son to the cross.  Especially since it was Easter week, I feel like they had that gospel message presented in various forms and they were able to gain a deeper and clearer knowledge of what that really means for us. Here are some pictures of the trip! Also, you'll hear from some of the varsity players of what they learned on the trip!

Emely helping clear out a park

Assistant Coach Mabelis helpin' out!

Not afraid to get dirty!
"One of the best parts was helping to cut grass at that park so that the kids could have a place to have fun. I learned that if you trust and have faith in the Lord, you can achieve anything!" ~ Edely Herrera

Teaching merengue to a local elementary school

Ileana sharing her testimony to the elementary kids

Helping with gym class at an elementary school 

They even got on the news! They're famous!
"My favorite part was cooking for my family. God has shown me is that he will spread his love around anywhere." ~Naomy Reyes

Praying with Candies Creek youth

Experiencing the Culture
Playing against a local team at Chelsie's old high school!
"My favorite part was our game and Walker Vally and spending time with my host family playing dominos and cooking. I learned that even though we were from another country and used another language, we could still relate to others and have fun through Jesus Christ!"  ~Ileana Pena 

Cool boat ride!

We were hosted by so many wonderful families! 

Did a tour of Bryan college and played with their team!

Easter fun! 

Host family sister!
"My favorite part was getting to know my family and getting out of my comfort zone because God has lots of surprises for us!" ~Genesis Rodriguez

Another host sister!
"My favorite moment was when some of the families went to spend time at a park. I was able to see different things like Americans do like use hammocks and a slack line" ~Erika Cruz

Tournament in Tampa, FL

Cool Tennessee shirts. BYE YA'LL! 

Thanks to everyone for making this dream a reality.  We all grew a lot on this trip and were changed for the better! If you want to see more details of the trip, visit the trip blog at

Thursday, March 19, 2015

1. more. week.

Well, we got our visas! It always amazes me how difficult it is for Dominicans to travel to the states and its so fun to see their joy when they get "approved."  So, the girls are pumped and they are getting ready to depart in just one week! I want to take a little bit of time to tell you something that really impacted me this past week and some changes that will be happening in the girls sports site.

During March, we receive 4 one week outreaches. The past two have been such a blessing and really an encouragement in our site.  We just had a group from JMU here and we really learned the truth behind "delighting in our weaknesses".  This group showed that being a Christian isn't about "having it all together".  We really learned that its about showing how God's glory has shined through our many faults and flaws.  We had the chance to be really real with each other and share about things we are struggling with or things we have struggled with.  As a result, we found ourselves sighing with relief to know that we weren't the only ones who had wrestling with particular sins.  In the end, we were reminded of how big God's love is and how his power is truly made perfect despite our weaknesses.  I am thankful to have a God who loves us, despite our areas of weakness.

Here are some pictures from this last outreach.
Hanging out and playing games with Corocito
Shout-out to all my BCVB girls who taught me great games like "zip-bong" and "ninga" which are still being playing here in the DR! 

Practice with Varsity

Rain or shine... we still practice!

In other news, Mabelis Acevedo, who graduated from VC Revolution 2 years ago, and has been serving alongside us as an volunteer, will now step into a more prominent position of "assistant".   She will take a bigger role in the site.  We are super pumped to have her on board! Just for this summer, Chelsie will be helping less with the girls sports site and more with the teams that come down.  The plan is that this will be a temporary thing and she will come back to helping full time the the sports site in September.  God is good and we are so thankful to be able to have the chance to use volleyball to reach girls for Christ. I swear I have the best job in the world!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

One more step!

I have seriously been blown away by God's faithfulness and the generosity of so many people to help donate to our trip.  We now have all our trip money in and just have one final step! In order for the girls to get visas to travel to the US, they have to make two trips to the capital.  In trip #1, they turn in their documents and get their fingerprints taken. We had that appointment last Friday we "passed"! So our final appointment is March 9.  Since it is a girls volleyball team, they are highly likely to get approved. However, your prayers are greatly appreciated. We are all super excited for the trip and the girls have been super busy with practices, games, discipleship class and English class to get ready for the trip! 

Here is a picture of our girls last weekend at a tournament in the capital, Santo Domingo. 

We'd appreciate prayers for these upcoming dates and events
*March- We have 4 American teams during the month of March so it will be a busy time. Pray for energy and wisdom as we minister with these teams
*March 9- Final Visa Appointment
*March 28- Departure for Tennessee with the varsity team! Pray for smooth travels and no glitches!